Founded in 2014 by Laura Drouet (FR) and Olivier Lacrouts (IT/FR), d-o-t-s is a research-led studio active in the field of editorial and curatorial production. Currently based in Brussels (Belgium), we develop projects that focus on alternative social dynamics, off-the-record stories and experimental design perspectives. Our work spans from writing and exhibition-making to educational workshops.

Selected projects
– Plant Fever
– La Flèche Radio
– Design Without Designers
– The Offbeats

Selected writings
Plants at Home
Redesigning Stone in Val d’Ossola
Anna Heringer: Ethics Before Aesthetics
Re-discovering Fernand Pouillon
So Men Created Animals
The Factory of Life @ Centre Pompidou
Stefano Mancuso: For a New Perspective on Plants
Olivier Vadrot’s Minimo
Co-working & #modernism
Madrid. Testing Participation with Enorme
Foroba Yelen. Light as Common Good
How do We Want to Live Together?
Marcos Coronel. Towards a Participatory Architecture
Ratilly’s Ceramic Revival
Building Together the Ökohaus